Gadgets - Mechanical Sound Effects

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Need some tones for your tool belt? How about some sounds for your spy gear? This pack is great for weapons, small tech, attachments, switches, connections, and sliding parts. 

Over 220 mechanical movement sounds to bring that texture to any project.


25 Button Sounds

6 Chain Sounds

13 Click Sounds

44 Connection Sounds

12 Dial Sounds

9 Gear Sounds

15 Metal Sounds

11 Motor Sounds

7 Spring Release Sounds

8 Rusty Sounds

59 Slide Sounds

5 Switch Sounds

6 Threaded Sounds

5 Zip Sounds



Say goodbye to highly compressed mp3s.

All our sounds are broadcast quality WAV files perfect for any project big or small.


Use these sounds for any project forever.

No licensing headaches. No attribution. They're yours.


No waiting. No shipping. No delays.