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This massive sound effects pack contains over 220 royalty-free fabric movement sounds.   Tons of different clothing styles and movement types to mix and match for your project.  Subtle movements to wild dancing.  Casual clothes to ski jackets.  This is one pack you don't want to miss.


Tons of different fabric and clothing styles to choose from!
From heavy jackets, to jeans, and t-shirts, you'll find something to match just about any type of clothing



Dance scene? Chase scene? ​Just some simple dialogue?
No matter what the action, if your character's moving, we got ya covered.



33 Cotton Shirt Sounds

26 Duffle Bag Sounds

20 Backpack Sounds

19 Heavy Coat Sounds

17 Fast Movement Sounds

9 Belt Sounds

8 Athletic Shirt Sounds
20 Jeans Sounds

16 Leather Jacket Sounds

13 Light Slick Jacket Sounds

12 Hoodie Sounds

12 Sweater Sounds

12 Medium Coat Sounds

7 Heavy Fabric Sounds



Say goodbye to highly compressed mp3s.

All our sounds are broadcast quality WAV files perfect for any project big or small.


Use these sounds for any project forever.

No licensing headaches.  No attribution. They're yours.


No waiting.  No shipping. No delays.

Our sounds are delivered to your email instantly.